Book Review

Text Talk Tuesday- The One in a Million Boy by Monica Wood

This multi-dimensional story features a 104 year old woman, a quirky, young boy and his imperfect family.  The boy is the title character of the book even though we learn of his death in the first chapter.  Oddly enough, we never learn his name, he is only referred to as “the boy.”

The boy is working towards a merit badge in boy scouts when he suddenly dies and so his father takes over his volunteer work for Ona Vitkus, the 104 year old woman he has promised to help for the next couple of months.  His father takes over the job and forms a bond with this somewhat-crotchety old lady.

I absolutely adored this book, even though it is certainly sad at times, it is touching and sweet.  The characters are real with many flaws which make you root for them all the more.  The ending was perfect.  I would not have changed a thing about it.  It’s the kind of book that has rich language and causes you to think about the most important things in your life.


Book Review

Text Talk Tuesday- Eligible by Curtis Sittenfeld

This is a retelling of Jane Austen’s book Pride and Prejudice and the fourth in a series of modern versions of her books.  Austen’s original was a witty story that poked fun at English society and this book does the same thing but in modern times in Cincinnati of all places!

In this version, Elizabeth Bennett is a writer for Mascara magazine, Jane is a yoga instructor, Mary is a scholar, and Lydia and Kitty are Crossfit junkies who don’t have jobs.  Mrs. Bennett is still remarkably and hilariously self-centered and Mr. Bennett just can’t be bothered with any of it.

When we join the story, Mr. Bennett has had heart trouble and all the girls come home to help.  Mr. Bingley and Mr. Darcy are doctors at the hospital and lucky for Mrs. Bennett, still rich!

I thoroughly enjoyed this book; it is laugh out loud funny.  It pokes fun at all of us and somehow, I wasn’t offended.  The build up to the moment when all is settled is delicious, and though I couldn’t wait to get there, I was definitely sorry when the book was over.  I’m sure that I will go and get the other books in this series.

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