My Word of the Year

I have never done a “word of the year.”  Honestly, I thought they were kind of silly.  I mean, one word for a whole year?!  But after listening to a podcast by Gretchen Rubin, I found my word and knew that I had to write about it.

The Year of Yes

The podcast was about saying yes to holiday parties and activities even though you may be busy because they are a great way to improve relationships.  Having good relationships is one of the best ways to increase happiness!  So I thought, this is  my thing!  I need to say yes to more things; things that I would normally be afraid of, things that I wouldn’t do or even try for fear that I would screw it up.

Here are some things that I am going to say Yes to:

  • nurturing friendships
  • trying new adventures- glass-bottom boat rides, paddle boarding, para-sailing, etc
  • blogging!
  • telling people how I feel, even if they don’t like it
  • fitness
  • healthy eating
  • my morals and values, even when they conflict with others’
  • my needs (and not feel guilty about it!)
  • going to bed early
  • my gut instincts
  • love
  • success
  • relationships

I am going to use this as my theme for the year.  My mantra, my guiding principle.  I want to take advantage of every opportunity I can that is a good fit for me and my family.  Fear will no longer rule me.  I will say “Yes!” even if I’m afraid.  If I don’t think that it’s a good idea for me and my family, then I will say Yes to following my gut instincts and not do it.

It Doesn’t Have to be Perfect

Traveling always makes me anxious.  I start to get a nervous, twitchy feeling a couple of days ahead.  I make lists, do errands and chores to get ready, but the feeling never quite goes away.

Anxiety is fear of what could happen. What can I do to stop being anxious?

Whenever we went on a summer vacation, it was always the same thing. Up before the sun, packing the car, and arguing. Always with the arguing, followed by a long period of awkward silence.  When we arrived at our destination, whether it was a friend’s or a relative’s house, we always pretended that everything was fine.  

Aunt:  “How was your trip?”

Mom:  “Oh it was great.  No problems at all.”

Me:  *eye-roll*

I recognize now that they were also anxious and that was how they dealt with it.  Bickering.  I do it too if I’m not careful.  Thankfully we now know more about anxiety and my BF and I can talk about it and can predict that I will be anxious and have some strategies to help.  Not cure, but help.  Maybe they will help you too.

Practical deal with anxiety

I’m going to print this out for myself and put it in my planner that goes in my purse so that I can refer to this list and try some of the ideas.

What do you do when you’re anxious?