It Doesn’t Have to be Perfect

Traveling always makes me anxious.  I start to get a nervous, twitchy feeling a couple of days ahead.  I make lists, do errands and chores to get ready, but the feeling never quite goes away.

Anxiety is fear of what could happen. What can I do to stop being anxious?

Whenever we went on a summer vacation, it was always the same thing. Up before the sun, packing the car, and arguing. Always with the arguing, followed by a long period of awkward silence.  When we arrived at our destination, whether it was a friend’s or a relative’s house, we always pretended that everything was fine.  

Aunt:  “How was your trip?”

Mom:  “Oh it was great.  No problems at all.”

Me:  *eye-roll*

I recognize now that they were also anxious and that was how they dealt with it.  Bickering.  I do it too if I’m not careful.  Thankfully we now know more about anxiety and my BF and I can talk about it and can predict that I will be anxious and have some strategies to help.  Not cure, but help.  Maybe they will help you too.

Practical deal with anxiety

I’m going to print this out for myself and put it in my planner that goes in my purse so that I can refer to this list and try some of the ideas.

What do you do when you’re anxious?

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